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Technical illustrations can help visually simplify complex subjects, concepts, and products to clearly communicate the purpose and function of the subject matter.
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Precise 2D/3D Technical and Engineering Drawings

Technical illustrations can help visually simplify complex subjects, concepts, and products to clearly communicate the purpose and function of the subject matter. When it comes to technical and engineering drawings, it is critical that the detailed drawings are an exact and proportionate representation of the equipment and parts.

Whether you need drawings of technical specs, parts, equipment, or more — you can count on us to create accurate technical illustrations that visually communicate complex information in a clear and effective way, while meeting all regulatory requirements and technical standards. That’s why Promaxis is trusted by our clients at the Department of National Defence for technical illustrations and documentation services throughout their product lifecycles.

We have proven capabilities in the creation, preparation and modification of 2D and 3D illustrations in an electronic environment for the Canadian military. This includes exploded views, illustrated parts lists, wiring/schematic diagrams, line drawings and photographs.

Technical Data Package (TDP)

A fundamental component of all technical content is the Technical Data Package (TDP). It is the consolidation of information used by designers and manufacturers to describe a product or component. Promaxis has a team of skilled draftspersons with over 20 years of experience in the creation and maintenance of Technical Data Package (TDP) in the defence industry.

We can provide various assembly and detailed drawings according to DND standards, and the specific project requirements with accurate functional dimensions and tolerances. Our illustrators have a background in technology and engineering, and fully understand the products and documentation goals in order to create technical illustrations that are easy for users to understand. Our staff add additional drawing details based on the intended use, including dimensions, tolerances, components, part numbers, manufacturing methods, material details, form and fit details, and assembly options.

CAD Services to Fully Define Your Equipment

Our computer-aided drafting and design (CAD) services allow you to fully define your equipment, or to convert your existing drawings into digital files. We can deliver drafting and design files in the same software format used by our client. We have a thorough understanding of how it will be used throughout the product lifecycle, so we can resolve issues and discrepancies while working on it, and we can figure out the best way to visually represent the information in 2D and 3D.

Our staff is skilled in 3D illustration techniques to add visual impact and clarity to the technical publications we produce for our military and commercial customers. And our illustrators and CAD draftspersons on staff are experienced in producing quality illustrations in accordance with DND specifications. Contact us to get started.

Need Accurate Technical and Engineering Drawings?

Our experienced team can create, prepare, or modify any 2D/3D illustrations to your required specifications and format.

Contact us to discuss your technical and engineering drawing needs.

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