Features for DND

Features to meet the unique needs of the Canadian Military

The OpenIETM is designed specifically with the Department of National Defence in mind. So technicians in the Canadian army, navy, and air force can reduce the down-time of equipment by getting the information that they need faster. Some of these key features of the solution include:

Fully bilingual.

Our Interactive Manual is designed to be truly bilingual. We have fine-tuned it so that you can toggle back and forth between French and English with just one click. It is the only solution on the market that can smoothly transition from French to English, giving you the ability to get an instant translation of the exact content you were viewing — without losing your spot. The user interface, search functionality, graphics, table of contents, content and labels are all fully bilingual.

Runs in your existing Internet Explorer web browser.

We understand that DND is very strict about the installation of executable files on the network, so we have designed our Interactive Manual to be a browser-based solution that runs in your existing Microsoft environment and Internet Explorer web browser. It does not require any third-party applications, so you will not be required to get any additional approvals or permissions in order to use the OpenIETM on the DND network.

Easy to distribute, with no restrictions.

The OpenIETM is designed to give you flexibility, so that you are not tied to any proprietary software. Our open-source approach means that there is no commercial license, so you are not restricted as to how you use it, or how you distribute it. This enables our solution to be distributed via any number of methods including CD/DVD/USB, on-equipment, network distribution, and even tablet devices. Since the OpenIETM is not a software package, you will not be required to get any additional approvals or permissions in order to use the OpenIETM on the Department of National Defence network.

Built specifically for the DND network.

Promaxis’ Interactive Manual is built for use within the DWAN and for deployment to DND devices. All aspects of the solution and the functionality have been specifically tailored to the functional requirements of DND.

Does not overload the network.

Unlike most solutions, you are never uploading the full publication at one time. All of the Interactive Manuals are created from individual data modules. So when you are using the OpenIETM, you are only pulling up a few small files at a time and you are only loading the information and graphics that you need. Therefore, is does not require a large amount of bandwidth and will not overload the network.

Getting started is easy.

Our Interactive Manual is based on our 40+ years of experience providing support services to the Department of National Defence. So everything from the functionality to the implementation is tailored specifically for DND. Turning your existing technical documents into Interactive Manuals is easy with our proven process: click here to learn more.