Key Features

Key features of the Interactive Manual

Our Interactive Manual (OpenIETM) was created to give end users a better way to navigate through complex technical documentation. All features have been fine-tuned to give the user a smooth, easy way to find the information that they need. Some of the key features include:

Fully Interactive

The OpenIETM supports fully interactive capabilities. This means that you can click on diagrams, schematics, parts lists, and legends to get more information. Technicians are able to directly select the maintenance procedure, fault/symptom and/or wiring diagram that they need for their maintenance task, and pull up only the information that they need to fix a specific problem.

Advanced Search Capabilities

You can easily search the publication using the search bar at the top of the page which supports bilingual Boolean logic to help get more accurate results. You can then apply filters to get more specific results, such as parts lists, graphics, tables, procedural information, or descriptive information. Additionally, the search results are shown as a preview. By clicking through, it will take you to the exact sentence and highlight the words that were found, without losing your other search results.

Smart Cross-Referencing Capabilities

Flip back and forth between information and images, without losing your original spot. If you click on a link to go to the cross-referenced information, you can click the return button and it’ll take you back to the exact paragraph you were on, which will be highlighted for your convenience.

Pin Figures for Easy Reference

To make it easy to cross-reference figures and tables, you can pin them to the sidebar for later use. You can also go to your history to navigate back to recently viewed information.

Works on Multiple Devices, including Tablets.

The OpenIETM can be deployed to many environments and devices, including SharePoint sites, on-equipment solutions, and even tablets. As part of a current project, we are addressing the functional differences of a tablet in order for our IETM to work flawlessly on tablet devices. We will support touch-screen capabilities which include pinch-and-zoom, swipe, and other standard tablet functions. By using standard touch-screen functions, we will be able to provide a native tablet experience that users are already familiar with.

Getting started is easy.

The Interactive Manuals make it much easier for end users to navigate through complex technical manuals. And you can add this same functionality to your existing technical manuals. Converting them into Interactive Manuals is easy with our proven process: click here to learn more.