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Value Proposition (ITB Initiative)…

The Government of Canada has substantial purchasing power. They are committed to purchasing defense equipment and services in a way that benefits Canadians by creating more jobs and supporting economic growth in Canada.

The Defence Procurement Strategy (DPS) was created to increase opportunities and demand for Canadian-based goods, services, and technologies. It provides many opportunities to help Canadian companies increase their competitive advantage in the world market, as well as meet the needs of the Canadian Armed Forces.


In order to be awarded defence contracts, companies are now required to undertake business activities in Canada, equal to the value of the contract.

Since February 2014, all major Government projects need to comply with the Industrial and Technological Benefits (ITB) Policy.The policy uses a Value Proposition (VP) factor to evaluate the economic benefits that Canada will obtain from its defence investments.

This means that a portion of the evaluation process for Government bids, now includes points based on Canadian-based suppliers, solutions, and sub-contractors. Bids now require that you can demonstrate how the Government’s investment will support the growth of Canadian prime contractors, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. Points will also be awards for demonstrating how you can help Canadian-based firms grow and enhance their international competitiveness, as well as to increase their export potential.

Because of the ITB Policy, it is beneficial for large international OEMs to look for Canadian partners in order to win contracts with the Canadian Government.


How We Can Help You Meet the 3 Key Requirements

With Promaxis, you’ll be in an excellent position to leverage the ITB initiative. Here’s how we’ll help you meet the 3 key requirements:

  • Work in the Canadian defence sector: For over 40+ years, Promaxis’ single largest client has been the Department of National Defence. Through this experience, we have gained an expertise that has allowed us to develop unique tools and processes that add value to the Canadian military. This has also helped us develop a thorough understanding of DND’s needs.


  • Facilitate Growth for Canadian Suppliers: Promaxis is a Canadian owned and operated company with 2 locations in Ottawa, and we are in a position capable of fast growth. We are supported by an internal team that specializes in staffing IT and engineering positions. Furthermore, we have in-house trainers that specialize in delivering custom software/technology training programs.


  • Exports from Canada: Promaxis provides unique, competitive solutions with export potential. We have developed tools and processes that add significant value to the Canadian military, as well as have wide range of applications internationally. Promaxis has developed several open source software tools for the conversion and management of technical data in a structured environment. Providing support such as technical data management services, opens additional opportunities to work directly with international organizations.

Promaxis is already supporting large companies as a sub-contractor. We qualified for work as their partner under the Industrial and Regional Benefits (IRB) initiative. This has already resulted in new business opportunities which have created growth in the work force and allowed for investment in infrastructure which further strengthens and positions the company to achieve greater growth.

Promaxis specializes in providing full life-cycle support for the military, defense, and IT sectors. As a partner, Promaxis is a key asset in our partnerships because of our structured approach to maintaining technical data and documentation, as well as providing project support through project management, quality control processes, and supporting your team through talent acquisition and training programs. And our services can be supplemented with our precision metal fabrication capabilities and our technology expertise.

Links to Government of Canada websites:

Providing full life-cycle support for the military, defence, and IT sectors.


Promaxis has developed a wide range of systems to help support the full life-cycle of your equipment and projects:

    • Technical Documentation –We focus on an open-source solution for streamlining your technical documentation process. We simplify the complex process of maintaining a large number of publications, and add quality control at each step of the process to ensure the integrity of technical data. We also publish Interactive Manuals that increase end user efficiency, and reduce the down-time of your equipment. Our solution is fully customized for the Canadian military, based on our 40+ years of experience providing support for the army, navy, and air force. We provide support throughout the full lifecycle of equipment and systems – from inception, through engineering design and manufacture, to service and disposal.
    • Building Your Team
      We help you grow your team by providing qualified candidates in IT and engineering. Our experienced recruiting team specializes in finding the right fit for your team. We maintain a large network and close working relationships to make sure that we always have access to highly talented individuals. We can also get your current team up to speed by delivering hands-on software/technology training to meet your specific needs.

  • We continue to improve our systems, and contribute our expertise to our clients and partners.

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