Design Engineering

Competitive Pricing through Design Optimization

We consistently deliver value to our clients through product quality, delivery, turnaround, and price. We are interested in long-term partnerships with our clients, so the quality of our workmanship and customer service reflects that. This is demonstrated by our proven track record of designing durable and sleek products for our clients in the IT industry, and the Government of Canada.

Whether you need design, engineering, or prototyping services — we’re here to help.

We provide valuable design analysis to make sure that the design is optimal for being manufactured, so that you can reduce your costs. Whether it’s the design itself, choosing the correct materials, or selecting a better manufacturing process. Our skilled staff offers customer support for design and engineering solutions, and offers insight on manufacturing solutions for prototyping and production runs.

Tracking and automating the process through an integrated ERP system, allows us to identify other areas of the process where there are opportunities to reduce costs during prototyping and/or during a batch run. We are able to optimize the process through integrated computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and computer-numerically controlled (CNC) machining to plan the manufacturing of parts. This helps to reduce your manufacturing costs by optimizing production, performance, and volume — and lets us offer competitive pricing to our clients.

We offer a combination of skilled people and automated processes, which allow us to streamline in-house production and produce at or below targeted costs. And with quality assurance from incoming products/materials, to inspections for each process, to final inspection — we ensure that the products we deliver will meet or exceed our customers’ requirements.

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