Project Management

Ensuring quick turnaround and on-time delivery. Every time.

Efficient project management is the key to fast turnaround and meeting delivery schedules. It’s also a crucial factor that affects the price of custom metal fabrication and finishing.

To ensure that you get quality end products, while keeping your costs down, we have incorporated a completely integrated ERP/Shop Management System to streamline our in-house production. This allows for easy traceability of all processes and materials used for each clients, and to identify areas where your costs can be reduced.

We value your time, and we keep our customers fully informed throughout the entire process and ensure we address any questions or concerns right away. Our team is always available to help. And we follow up to ensure that we have met your needs, because your partnership means a lot to us.

Our effective quality control system makes sure that your parts are consistent and created according to your specifications. We also keep a record of the work we’ve done for you, including test reports and product specifications and dimensions to make sure that we can trace back any material data required.

An Automated Process to Deliver Great Value

Our intergrated ERP systems helps us automate our process in order to deliver great value to our clients:

  • Attain 100% on-time delivery with production planning and scheduling
  • Increase productivity and throughput without additional costs
  • Improved estimating and quoting
  • Achieve greater machine level and shop floor efficiency
  • Eliminate downtime
  • Lower inventory and labour costs due to better management of the warehouse and purchasing
  • Reduce scrap
  • Improve data collection for improved scheduling based on time estimates and progress
  • Implement quality control and comply with the most stringent quality standards
  • Increase customer satisfaction by viewing all data associated with production: customer and vendor inquiries, material requirements, job status, etc.
  • Gain greater end-to-end part visibility and tracking
  • Helps us coordinate the process between multiple manufacturing companies

We understand the functional requirements for your product, as well as the manufacturing process. If we see room for improvement in any step of the manufacturing process, we will gladly let you know – because even a small savings per part (if we can make it even a bit cheaper) can add up to a significant savings in the long run.

To read about our full capabilities, click here, or try a batch run.