Streamline Your Entire Technical Documentation Process ...

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Streamline Your Entire Technical Documentation Process …

Maintaining military equipment requires dozens of technical manuals for each piece of equipment, including training manuals, operational procedures, maintenance manuals, parts list, and much more. The massive amount of files, graphics, technical data, cross-references, and overlapping information that needs to be maintained and verified for the military’s technical manuals can be an overwhelming task to manage.

S1000D can dramatically simplify the entire process. S1000D provides a powerful framework for creating, maintaining, and distributing technical documentation. That’s why it’s the specification that is commonly used for technical publications for aviation, marine, land, and commercial equipment.

Add Simplicity to Complex Documentation

There is a significant amount of cross-referenced and overlapping information throughout the various maintenance and operational manuals for equipment – and even across similar equipment. The duplication of information is one of the biggest challenges in technical documentation, and it represents the biggest area of human errors, wasted time, and associated costs.

This is one of the key strengths of S1000D. It essentially breaks an extremely complex process, into easy-to-use building blocks.

Existing documents and technical content are broken down into single-source pieces of information, called “data modules”. Each data module contains only the information and instructions required for one specific task. This allows for easier management of information, greater quality control, and significantly increased flexibility in the way you reuse, publish, and distribute your documentation.

S1000D defines all aspects of the technical content throughout all the different phases of a product life-cycle, and it provides the framework for all of the integration points required to make technical content effective. It bypasses the common restrictions of your current documentation process, and allows you to publish into various different outputs such as hardcopies, PDFs, websites, and Interactive Manuals — from one source.

Discover How S1000D Can Streamline DND’s Existing Processes

Promaxis’ is the only company whose Technical Documentation department specializes in tailoring the powerful S1000D specification to the unique needs of the Canadian military. Through our structured approach to implementing S1000D, we are able to simplify your technical documentation process, increase turnaround times, and give you a solution that can truly grow as your business needs change.

With over 40+ years of experience with the Department of National Defence, we understand the daily challenges that you face and how S1000D affects documentation on the DND network. We want you to reap the benefits that S1000D can offer to DND with its blueprint for creating simplicity in a complex environment.

Our focus is on tailoring our proven S1000D-compliant solution to incorporate your existing processes and documentation standards, and to fit your organization’s needs. (It even integrates into your existing systems, such as DRMIS.)

Promaxis has a proven track record of converting the Department of National Defence’s existing technical documents to XML using the S1000D specification. This has resulted in reducing the level of effort of technical documentation maintenance, and increasing quality control of revisions.

Contact us to learn how Promaxis can tailor the S1000D solution to fit your specific needs.

How can YOUR organization benefit from S1000D?

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