Key Benefits

Your blueprint to simplifying the life-cycle documentation of your equipment, while maintaining much greater control

S1000D provides the full framework to turn the complex task of technical documentation — into a simplified and manageable process with strict quality control at every step. It gives you a streamlined process for creating, maintaining, and distributing technical documentation. This is why S1000D is so commonly used for technical publications for aviation, marine, land, and commercial equipment.

Some of the key benefits include:

  • Adapts to your changing business needs.

    The S1000D framework is designed to be adaptable to your needs — whether this includes new equipment, new publication specifications, or new software and systems that need to reuse the information. S1000D is based on a common open-source language, so it gives you the flexibility to publish to new formats, and integrate into new solutions, as needed.

  • Ensure the accuracy of technical data is not comprised

    The structured approach to documentation allows you to integrate quality control at every step of the process, and to track changes down to the exact word. S1000D provides a full blueprint for controlling the technical integrity of data and information, and is constantly validated against a pre-determined set of business rules to ensure consistency and reduce errors. Revisions and changes are easy to track. This ensures that data sent to the field is accurate and up to date.

  • Significantly reduce the amount of work that goes into complex documentation

    Get mission-critical information to the field faster. Eliminate content duplication, keep all related documents in sync, and simplify the steps required to maintain a large amount of documentation. The content has one source, so when you modify a piece of information, it will automatically update in related/linked documents, and even within the same document such as Table of Contents, List of Effective Pages, cross-references, etc. This lets you focus on content, and not formatting.

  • Publish to multiple different formats, with just one click.

    The format is independent of the actual written content, so you can publish the exact same text file into various different outputs including hardcopies, PDF and other digital formats, as well as Interactive Manuals. All of which are fully compliant CFTOs, following DND specifications for technical publications.

  • Integrates into existing systems.

    Use it to feed other applications such as digital logistics or parts catalogs, and also integrate directly into DRMIS. This could be integration of content from different phases of a product life-cycle to reduce effort and/or errors, integration of content from multiple products to improve reuse and reduce costs, or integration of content across organizations to improve interoperability. By using a common open-source language, it makes it easy to communicate technical data between different systems – and this is why XML is so important.

  • Designed to handle complex documentation.

    S1000D is a powerful framework to manage, maintain and publish a large archive of technical publications for the Department of National Defence. If you have hundreds or thousands of technical manuals, then this solution is perfect.


    S1000D can be tailored to your specific organization to improve your existing processes. We understand the challenges and common issues that you face when trying to create spec-compliant documentation, so Promaxis has created a proven approach that fits the needs of the Department of National Defence.

    The advantage of working with Promaxis is that we have a solution that integrates into your existing documentation process. We have designed a solution that is specific to the Department of National Defense, and takes into consideration all of the requirements that are unique to CFTOs, such as controlled goods, bilingualism, and compliance with DND’s technical documentation standards and specifications.

    Contact us to learn how Promaxis can tailor the S1000D solution to fit your specific needs.