Technical Documentation for the Canadian Military...

We specialize in using a structured content management approach to streamline the way we manage your technical documentation.
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Technical Documentation for the Canadian Military

Throughout the lifecycle of your equipment, you need to you need to maintain, store, handle, install, and eventually dispose of a wide range of equipment and parts. This requires dozens of technical manuals for each piece of equipment, including training manuals, operational procedures, maintenance manuals, parts list, and much more — with each set of manuals having overlapping and cross-referenced information that needs to be updated and verified. The massive amount of files, graphics, and technical data that needs to be maintained for the military’s technical manuals can be an overwhelming task to manage.

We help you simplify this process. We specialize in using a structured content management approach to streamline the way we manage your technical documentation.

Our expertise in complex documentation is why we are trusted by clients like the Department of National Defence to maintain thousands of their technical publications. We have a proven process in place that we have implemented to simplify documentation for our military, government, and private sector clients.

Full Management of Bilingual Technical Publications


Our proven process allows us to efficiently manage the complex documentation needs of equipment and systems, but also lets us tailor the process to meet the needs of the individual client’s project or contract.

(1)  Publication Management

Our project manager reviews customer requirements, fills out all necessary paperwork for government clients, and creates a project plan based on the customer’s needs, including priorities and deadlines.

(2) Technical writing and editing

If new documents or revisions are required, our team of writers incorporates the necessary information so that it effectively communicates complex subjects to the end user. This includes training manuals, operational procedures, maintenance manuals, parts lists, and more.

(3)  Drafting and design

If precise 2D/3D illustrations of equipment need to be created, our experienced drafting team will render the graphics to meet the exact dimensions required.

(4)  Quality assurance

Approval of the English version is done by an experienced writer/editor with technical knowledge to ensure accuracy and consistency of the technical data.

(5)  Technical translation from English to French

Glossaries, lexicons and other sources of terminology are used in order to ensure language quality and to maintain consistent terminology across related publications.

(6)  Technical Accuracy Check (TAC)

Our dedicated TAC translator reviews all documents and pays close attention to preserve the exact meaning of the wording, so that procedures can be carried out without error to perform all the functions intended. The TAC translator is responsible for ensuring that translations are consistent with source files, and then certifying the translation using the DND Translation Accuracy Check form.

(7)  Publishing to specified formats

We have the ability to publish documents to multiple formats, including print, PDF, and Interactive Manuals. We will deliver the final product to the client in the agreed-upon format.

(8)  Client review and approval of changes

The client reviews and approves the changes made. If the client has any questions or concerns, they are addressed immediately, and any additional changes are promptly implemented.

We Can Fulfill All of Your Technical Documentation Needs — From Beginning to End

Our large team of technical writers, illustrators, editors, and project managers have knowledge and experience in all areas of the product lifecycle. So they can ensure that technical data is accurate and consistent throughout all your publications.

We can fulfill all of your technical documentation needs, from beginning to end, while complying with the Department of National Defence’s standards and specifications.

Contact us to discuss your documentation needs.

Have Complex Requirements?

Do you have hundreds (or thousands) of complex technical documents? We can simplify the whole process by converting everything to XML (using the S1000D specification) which:

  • Reduces the amount of documentation by identifying common and reusable content
  • Helps automate certain areas of the publishing process
  • Significantly improves quality control of the final product

We have successfully implemented the S1000D solution into various organizations within the Department of National Defence, and have simplified their documentation delivery so that they can get important information to the field with a faster turn-around time, and greater quality control.

Contact us to discuss how we can manage your documentation needs with our proven XML/S1000D solution.

How Can We Meet YOUR Technical Documentation Needs?

The processes that we have developed in-house allow us to efficiently manage thousands of technical publications for our private sector clients and the Department of National Defence.

Our proven systems ensure that we maintain strict quality control and fast turnaround time, while meeting your organization’s requirements.

Contact us to discuss how we can meet your technical documentation needs.

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