CourseWare Development

Custom E-Learning Solutions to Meet Your Business Needs

Do you have in-house software, processes, or policies that require a custom training program? Our software trainers can learn your specific solution, and deliver a custom e-learning program based on your business needs and unique learning objectives.

We create custom programs to teach your team the skills that they need. We can provide a video training or e-learning program for your in-house software, processes, or policies. It includes a breakdown of all information that needs to be covered, and it’s filled with interactive features, quizzes, progress tracking, final assessment of materials learned, and built-in feedback to help continually improve the system. By using a Learning Management System (LMS), we are able to better track each student’s progress and find areas of improvement.

Students love our fun, practical approach to learning. That’s why we have clients who call us for their training needs on an ongoing basis, including: Department of National Defence (DND), House of Commons, Canadian School of Public Service (CSPS), Public Service College (PSC), Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC), and many more.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.