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We Understand Engineering.
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We have been providing technical and engineering support for the Department of National Defence since 1971…

Finding and retaining talented engineers to be part of your team or fulfill the needs of a specific project is challenging and time consuming.

That’s why we always keep up to date with the changing needs of our clients and the industry.

By keeping up to date with the changing needs of our clients and industry, we are able to maintain a large network of pre-qualified consultants so that we can quickly find just the right fit for your project.


We Understand Engineering

We have been providing technical and engineering support for the Department of National Defence since 1971. Our experience across all three branches of the military is the reason why so many experienced engineers from the Canadian Forces choose to work with us after they transition to being civilian employees or contractors.

Our expertise is why ex-Forces engineers maintain a working relationship with us, instead of with recruiting agencies. This is reflected by our high retention rate for consultants — which is very rare in an industry that competes primarily on price.

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Providing full life-cycle support for the military, defence, and IT sectors.


Promaxis has developed a wide range of systems to help support the full life-cycle of your equipment and projects:


  • Technical Documentation – We focus on an open-source solution for streamlining your technical documentation process. We simplify the complex process of maintaining a large number of publications, and add quality control at each step of the process to ensure the integrity of technical data. We also publish Interactive Manuals that increase end user efficiency, and reduce the down-time of your equipment. Our solution is fully customized for the Canadian military, based on our 40+ years of experience providing support for the army, navy, and air force. We provide support throughout the full lifecycle of equipment and systems – from inception, through engineering design and manufacture, to service and disposal.
  • Building Your Team – We help you grow your team by providing qualified candidates in IT and engineering. Our experienced recruiting team specializes in finding the right fit for your team. We maintain a large network and close working relationships to make sure that we always have access to highly talented individuals. We can also get your current team up to speed by delivering hands-on software/technology training to meet your specific needs.

We continue to improve our systems, and contribute our expertise to our clients and partners.

Here are some engineering positions that we commonly place…

  • Systems Engineering
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Specifications
  • Planning
  • Design Plans and Test Procedures
  • Acceptance/Qualifications Testing
  • Design Engineering
  • Technical Investigations and Engineering Services
  • Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)
  • Lifecycle Management (LCM)

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